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SFDAS offers an International Mobility Grant (AMI) intended to support research in Sudanese archeology. By "Sudanese archeology" we mean the disciplines concerning the Antiquity of the Middle Nile Valley: Prehistory, Kerma, Pharaonic archeology, Napatan and Meroitic kingdoms, Post-Meroitic, Christian kingdoms, etc.
Candidates must be of French nationality or one of the states of the European Union, hold a 2nd year master’s degree or a DEA and be registered for a thesis at the start of the 2021 school year.
This mobility grant, for a monthly amount of 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) euros net, includes a return trip from Paris to Khartoum on the basis of the price of an economy class. It will take effect at the start of the 2021 school year (October) for a period of nine months (June 2022). It is up to the beneficiary to find accommodation. He must also take out the necessary insurance to cover work accidents and repatriation himself.
The beneficiary will have to reside in Khartoum. The successful candidate, while advancing the preparation of his thesis, will have to contribute to the scientific, management and field activities of the SFDAS. It will receive scientific and logistical support from the SFDAS.
The file must be completed in two copies, completed with all the necessary documents:
1. A short motivation letter
2. A CV
3. The completed form attached
4. The list of publications
5. Copy of titles and diplomas
6. A detailed description of the research project not exceeding 7 pages and containing the scientific project, a work schedule and institutional partnerships.
7. Two letters of recommendation from scientific personalities addressed to the director of the SFDAS, Marc Maillot.

It must be sent, before May 15, 2021 (the postmark being taken as proof), to the following address:

Mr. Director of SFDAS
French Embassy in Khartoum
Abs Service de la Valise diplomatique
13 rue Louveau
92438 Chatillon Cedex

The file must also be sent by email, attaching a single pdf file including all the documents mentioned (including the form and the 2 letters of recommendation) to the address: sfdas

The answers will be communicated to the applicants after examination of the research projects.

The application deadline for this aid is May 15, 2021.

article published on 15 March 2021

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