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Visit of the French press at Meroe

On the occasion of the exhibition “Meroe, Empire on the Nile” (March 26 – September 6, 2010) at the Louvre museum, the SFDAS welcomed a team of French journalists last winter for an in situ exploration of the remains of Meroitic civilization. Accompanied by Guillemette Andreu and Michel Baud, the organizers of the exhibition, as well as Claude Rilly, the director of the SFDAS, they were able to visit the city and the royal necropolis of Meroe, the sites of Naga and Musawwarat and the ongoing excavations of the Louvre at Muweis.

Their articles perfectly summarize the enthusiasm and amazement they felt in front of these millenary relics and their vivid accounts complete the evocation of the kingdom of Meroe by the objects exhibited at the Louvre.

Were part of the expedition :

- Hubert Lizé for Le Parisien: “Les pharaons noirs règnent au Louvre”
- Cyril Le Tourneur d’Ison for Le Figaro Magazine : “Méroé, l’empire des pharaons noirs”
- Annick Colonna Césari for L’Express : “Aux sources de Méroé”, March 25-31 2010
- Jérôme Coignard and Manolo Mylonas for Connaissance des Arts : “Méroé, sur la route des pyramides d’Afrique”, April 2010
- Philippe Régnier for Le Journal des Arts : “A la rencontre de Méroé”, n°322, April 2-15 2010
- Florence Evin for Le Monde : “Les trésors de Méroé dévoilés au Louvre”, March 21-22 2010
- Jean-Luc Marty for Géo

article published on 22 September 2019

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