SFDAS is proud to announce the launch of the SAHPP (Sudan Archaeological Heritage Protection Project), funded by the ALIPH Foundation.

The project aims to sustainably protect Sudanese cultural heritage from multiple threat factors. The program is the result of a close collaboration between all the actors of Sudanese archeology who assisted the NCAM (National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums) to assess the threats weighing on archaeological sites.

3 main objectives:
1) Raising awareness of the Sudanese community with special focus towards the youth (comic strip, school lectures, workshops with experts).

2) Protection of the monuments and preservation of antiquities. Marking the boundaries of archaeological sites through topographical expertise and construction of enclosures.

3) Strenghten NCAM building capacities to ensure the integrity of Sudanese antiquities in the future.

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article published on 8 September 2020

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