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Excavations of the meroitic town


since 2007

Under the direction of Marie Millet.
The 2013 campaign is currently taking place until March 9th 2013.

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Palace excavations

Muweis is a recently discovered Meroitic city in which a royal palace has been uncovered. Excavations on this site are the result of a cooperation agreement between the Louvre and the NCAM in 2007.
For the past three years, the archaeological team has been busy marking, exploring and mapping the field in order to identify the various areas, some of which are currently being unearthed. Besides the royal palace, there are notably a workshop area with a series of kilns, another area devoted to metallurgical production and several religious buildings including a temple dedicated to Amun.
In-depth studies of this huge archaeological site of 16 ha will probably broaden our knowledge on Meroitic urbanism, which is an essential but still unknown component of this powerful kingdom.
For more information, check the website of the Louvre: Les fouilles du Louvre à Mouweis.

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Kiln excavations

article published on 10 February 2013

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