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The challenge of preserving Sudan’s rich heritage for future generations

Marc Maillot

Archaeological work is being carried out in what was the Meroe kingdom, north of Khartoum, the capital, and in other parts of the country and forms part of a special cooperation between Sudan and France.

“Our work is dedicated to protection and raising awareness of Sudan’s heritage for the population,” Marc Maillot, director of French archaeological unit of the Sudan Antiquities Service (SFDAS) in Khartoum, told RFI.

“The government really wants to use heritage as a cultural link into all of the states of Sudan — we are trying to help to build a common memory across the country.”

The partnership goes back more than 50 years. France is the only foreign entity in Sudan’s National Museum. Under the auspices of SFDAS, France works with the Sudanese government on a number of projects, including excavations and as inspectors of antiquities.


article published on 24 May 2021

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