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The site of Karanog, 80 km north of the second cataract, was excavated by L. Woolley at the beginning of the 20th century. The agglomeration extends on a steep plateau on the western bank of the Nile, flooded today. The site has a total of about ten residential complexes, among which the KAR 200 and KAR 1000 buildings, the latter being commonly known as the "castle". The "castle" (KAR 1000) was located to the north, at the end of the Karanog settlement. It has an approximately square plan with dimensions of 25.50 m x 24.50 m. The building originally had three floors, of which only the facade remained during the study conducted by Woolley. The adobe-vaulted walls and roofs constituted, in a Nubian climate poor in precipitation, an ideal material.

The four volumes dedicated to the Karanog site offer an exhaustive view of the excavation of the city and the cemetery, as well as the associated philological study. Click on the pdf links below to start the download.

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