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Archéologie du Nil Moyen

Editor Francis Geus

Archéologie du Nil Moyen presented contributions on the archaeological findings of the Main Nile south of the first cataract and the surrounding regions. It was neither a newsletter printing brief reports nor a scholarly journal for articles of wide interest but a compromise between both types of publication.

The objective was to publish contributions from all colleagues engaged in field work and associated research in the area and to create a new vehicle of information for all scientists interested in Nubian and Sudanese archaeology.

90 writers participated and 99 articles were published. The volumes Archéologie du Nil Moyen have been published with the assistance of the following institutions : DGRCST du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, CNRS, Département de Géologie de l’université de Gand, the Fondation Electricité de France et délégation régionale EDF Nord-Pas-de-Calais and the Fondation Michela Schiff Giorgini with the participation of Paribas-Luxembourg.

Available online on SFDAS website thanks to Lille University and the editor’s family.

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