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Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies

This bilingual English/Arabic manual is intended to accompany the training of future ceramic specialists in the Arab world. Resulting from the collaboration of four major institutions of French archaeology abroad: the Section française de la direction des Antiquités du Soudan (Sfdas), the Institut français d’archéologie orientale (Ifao), the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo) and the Centre français de recherche de la péninsule Arabique (Cefrepa), it draws on the recent work of specialists from the Nile Valley, the Near East and the Arabian Peninsula to shed light on the theoretical reflections that have enriched ceramic studies in recent decades. Providing a genuine field tool, this volume is nonetheless a skilfully illustrated collection of the contribution of ceramic studies to the understanding of human history.

Under the direction of Romain David, translation Mustafa Ahmad; Bettina Bader; Anne Benoist; Andrea Berlin; Julia Budka; Saskia Buechner-Matthews; Katarzyna Danys; Boguslaw Franczyk; Elsa Jadot; Sylvie Marchand; Lara Maritan; Steven Matthews; Patrick E. McGovern; Ulrike Nowotnick; Maria-Paola Pellegrino; Dominique Pieri; Mary Ownby; Agnes Vokaer; Valentina Vezzoli.

“Études d’égyptologie” series, no. 24, directed by Nicolas Grimal, Secrétaire Perpétuel of the Académie des Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres and professor emeritus at the Collège de France.

A volume format 210 × 280 mm, Isbn 978-2-918157-54-0 (Soleb) : 320 pages (167 in English—including a chronology of the Near East, a bibliography, an English-Arabic lexicon and a general map of the sites; 153 in Arabic—including a chronology and an Arab-English lexicon). Nearly 400 photographs, illustrations, maps and plans.

I. The First Steps on the Field—II. Ceramic Classification—III. Documentation of the Assemblies — IV. Computerization of the Documentation — V. Various Approaches of the Ceramic Documentation — VI. Ceramic Studies in French Institutes Abroad — VII. Lexicon; Bibliography; Map of the main sites mentioned.

A free interactive digital file, Isbn 978-2-918157-55-7 (Soleb).

Available on the IFAO website : https://www.ifao.egnet.net/publications/catalogue/9782724709490/

Available on Soleb editions website : https://www.soleb.com/livres/concise-manual/index.html

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