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Vincent Francigny

Doctor in Egyptology, he defended his thesis on “the private Meroitic tomb” at the University Lille 3. He received the Max Serres Award from the Académie des Inscriptions et (...)
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Marc Maillot

Doctor in Egyptology from Paris-Sorbonne University, Marc was appointed as a researcher to the SFDAS/French Unit in Khartoum. Specialized in Meroitic Architecture and (...)
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Awadallah Ali el-Bacha

Driver and technician on excavation sites for the SFDAS since 2000. Since 1976, he has participated in numerous excavations in Sudan (Saï, Sedeinga, el-Hassa, Selima, Kerma, (...)
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Talal El Mobarak

Talal Al-Mubarak Has awarded the Bachelor’s degree of French literature from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University Mohammed V - Rabat – Morocco. Currently he is a (...)
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Marie-Paule Jung

Archéologue. Diplômée de l’Ecole du Louvre, elle y a suivit l’enseignement d’égyptologie et effectué des recherches sur les restaurations antiques de statues dans le cadre de travaux (...)
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Claude Rilly

Doctor in Egyptology and linguistics, director of the French archaeological mission of Sedeinga (SEDAU), co-editor of the Meroitic Newsletters, member of board of the (...)
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Vincent Rondot

Research fellow at the CNRS at Lille III (UMR 8164) and director of the SFDAS from 2005 to 2009. He was first a scientific member of the French Institute of Oriental (...)
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Francis Geus (1941-2005)

Lecturer at the University Charles de Gaulle – Lille III, he was the first member of the SFDAS in 1967 before becoming director between 1975 and 1984 and from 2000 to 2004. He (...)
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Jacques Reinold

Specialist of the Neolithic period in Sudan, director of the SFDAS from 1984 to 2000. He is now associate searcher at the SFDAS. 2008 “Rescue survey and excavations in the (...)
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André Vila

Director of the SFDAS from 1969 to 1975. • 1989 “Une hypothèse consolidée : les populations à insérer entre méroïtique et ballanéen”, Meroitica 10, p. 763-770. • 1987 “Gens à anneaux, gens à cistes”, Meroitica 7, 1987, p. 557-570. • 1982 “Analyse des sépultures péri-Napatéennes à Abri”, Meroitica 6, p. 105-122. • La Prospection de la vallée du Nil au Sud de la Cataract de Dal, (...)
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Jean Vercoutter

He graduated from the EHESS (Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) with a PhD thesis entitled “Egyptian and Egyptianizing artefacts from Carthagenian funerary (...)
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Coralie Gradel

Doctor in Egyptology, her thesis was on “Long distance trade in the kingdom of Meroe”. She received a BAR grant at the SFDAS and took part in several excavations in Sudan. Since (...)
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Hélène Delattre

Doctoral student at the universities of Paris IV-Sorbonne and Neuchâtel in pre- and protohistory. Her thesis deals with “Prehistory and Protohistory of Upper Nubia, between the (...)
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Romain David

Ceramologist, doctoral student at the Egyptology Institute François Daumas, Paul Valéry University – Montpellier III. The subject if his thesis is “Meroitic funerary ceramics, (...)
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Marie Evina

Ceramologist, doctoral student at the University of Poitiers, former grantee of the SFDAS 2008-2009. Her thesis is about “Common Meroitic ceramics: production and use in the (...)
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Yves Lecointe

Archaeologist, he has been living in Sudan since 1975 and has participated for thirty years in the archaeological excavation campaigns led by the SFDAS, the universities of (...)
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Patrice Lenoble

Trained as teacher, he studied classical archaeology in Paris and pursued his career in Switzerland on prehistoric sites (1973-1975). He joined the SFDAS in Khartoum in 1976 (...)
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François Lenoir

Topographer (ESTP – technical engineering school), International volunteer at the SFDAS in 2008-2009. He particularly provided an important mapping work of the site of (...)
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Elsa Yvanez

Doctoral student at the university of Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3 with a thesis dealing with “Textiles in the Meroitic period”, she was a BAR grantee at the SFDAS between (...)
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René-Pierre Dissaux

Study engineer in archaeology at the CNRS (since 2001), Sudan specialist. He was a draughtsman-archaeologist for the French Section of Sudanese Antiquities from 1979 to 1982. (...)
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Solène Marion de Procé

Archaeologist and PhD candidate at the university of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, she studies pre-islamic religion in the western Arabian Peninsula, particularly in the kingdom (...)
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Raphaël Pouriel

Archaeologist, he became in field director in 2004 then scientific director in 2009 for Archéopole, a preventive archaeology operator in the Nord-Pas de Calais region working (...)
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Gabrielle Choimet

Archaeologist specialized in Eastern countries, trained at Paris-Sorbonne University and Avignon University. Several excavations and surveys in the Middle East: Oman (...)
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Sébastien Maillot

Archaeologist, PhD candidate in Egyptology at Paris-Sorbonne University, his thesis focuses upon the Workshop Installations inside Religious Complexes in Egypt and Sudan. He (...)
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Anne-Sophie Bertrand

Graduated of the Louvre School and Sorbonne, with 15 years of experience in cultural heritage, Anne-Sophie worked for Fine Arts galleries, in Havre, Rouen and Caen. In the (...)
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