Coralie Gradel

Doctor in Egyptology, her thesis was on “Long distance trade in the kingdom of Meroe”. She received a BAR grant at the SFDAS and took part in several excavations in Sudan. Since September 2010, she is a research fellow at the SFDAS.

- 2010 “Hellenistic and Roman Glass in Meroitic Kingdom”, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of Meroitic Studies, Vienne (forthcoming).
- 2010 “Méroé, royaume de relais commerciaux ?”, exhibition catalogue Meroe, Empire on the Nile, Paris, Louvre museum, p. 99-101.
- 2009 “L’université de Lille III au Soudan : un demi siècle de fouilles, de coopération et de formation”, Égypte/Monde arabe, Troisième série, 5-6, p. 383-400.
- 2007 “Deux monnaies romaines découvertes à Saï (Soudan)”, in B. Gratien (éd.), Miscellanies to Francis Geus, CRIPEL 26, p. 141-150.

published works :
Conference Charles Bonnet
L’institut français de Khartoum, la SFDAS et la Sudan archaeology Society vous invitent à la conférence du Professeur Charles Bonnet, Membre de l’Institut de France, co-directeur (...)
by Coralie Gradel Events
Grant for International Mobility. Call for applications

The SFDAS is offering a 9-months grant for international mobility ("Aide à la mobilité internationale" -AMI) destined to support research in Sudanese archaeology. Applicants must have the French nationality or the nationality of one the states members of the European Union, they must be holders of a 2nd year Master’s degree and be registered as PhD candidates in a French university.

by Coralie Gradel Conferences and seminars
Lecture organized by the Sudan Archaeology Society

Dr. Pawel Onderka "The Typhonium of Wad Ben Naga" - in English- Wednesday 19th December at 19:00.

by Coralie Gradel Conferences and seminars
Lecture organized by the Sudan archaeology Society

Lecture by Prof. Vincent Rondot (Head of the French Archaeological Unit at El Hassa/SFDAS): "El-Hassa 2012. What did the Temple of Amun look like?"- In English
Wednesday, 28th November at 19:00 hrs. at the Greek Athletic Club.

by Coralie Gradel Conferences and seminars
Lecture organized by the Sudan archaeology Society

Lecture by DR. DONATELLA USAI (Instituto Italiano per l’icAfra e l’ Oriente),

by Coralie Gradel excavation
Mission de photographies par Cerf-Volant
Du 9 février au 20 février 2012, une nouvelle campagne de photographies par cerf volant des sites archéologiques du Soudan a été menée par Bernard Noël Chagny, Franck Derrien et (...)
by Coralie Gradel Exhibitions
Another view of Sudan. Kite at the service of archaeology
The SFDAS and the French Institute of Khartoum welcomed Bernard Noël Chagny, specialist of kite aerial photography. He presented his photographs of archaeological sites in (...)

Latest releases

Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom

"Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom", by Marc Maillot, Sorbonne University Press/SFDAS editions. Two volumes, 64 euros.

Funerary customs in the kingdom of Meroe

Vincent FRANCIGNY Paris, Editions Boccard, 2017 ISSN 2101-3195 - ISBN 978-2-7018-0520-7

History and civilizations of Sudan

The pyramids of Meroe made generations of travelers dream, but Sudan of which they are the emblem remains largely unknown. Hence this encyclopedic work, the first synthesis of (...)