Coralie Prenat

Graduate in Archaeological Science from Bordeaux Montaigne University, France. Coralie undertook her end-of-course internship at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and worked on the decline of Lapita pottery. Upon graduating, she fisrt worked for an Indian NGO and helped organizing an exhibition highlighting Pondicherry’s connection with French IndoChina. Later, she was hired by a French NGO and was responsible for projects dedicated to supporting deaf students to pursue their aspirations for skills development in Lao PDR. Since November 2020, she is an international volunteer at the SFDAS.

Latest releases

Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom

"Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom", by Marc Maillot, Sorbonne University Press/SFDAS editions. Two volumes, 64 euros.

Funerary customs in the kingdom of Meroe

Vincent FRANCIGNY Paris, Editions Boccard, 2017 ISSN 2101-3195 - ISBN 978-2-7018-0520-7

History and civilizations of Sudan

The pyramids of Meroe made generations of travelers dream, but Sudan of which they are the emblem remains largely unknown. Hence this encyclopedic work, the first synthesis of (...)