Patrice Lenoble

Trained as teacher, he studied classical archaeology in Paris and pursued his career in Switzerland on prehistoric sites (1973-1975). He joined the SFDAS in Khartoum in 1976 where he worked as draftsman and archaeologist.

In 1985, after a transition year in Kenya (Isenya) and Jordan (Khirbit el Dharih), he returns to Sudan where he discovered the royal tombs of El-Hobagi and offered the national Museum of Sudan its first royal collection. In 1993 he left Sudan to launch the excavation program in the Beirut city centre before returning to France to defend his thesis on the Post-Meroitic period at the Sorbonne. He then worked as research engineer at the Regional department of archaeology in Nantes until his retirement in 2002.

Until 2005, he came back regularly to Sudan to bring his know-how to the excavation sites of El-Hassa and Sedeinga. At the same time he worked on an archaeological mapping project of the mound cemeteries in the Meroe region. Being a prolific author, he leaves behind an important bibliography which shows great progress in archaeological research in Sudan.

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published works :
Kerma et Méroé

Kerma and Meroe. Five lectures on Sudanese archaeology (2005) was a best seller in Khartoum. It was edited as a collaboration between the French Section of the Direction of Antiquities of Sudan (SFDAS) and the French Cultural Centre Frédéric Cailliaud in Khartoum and sponsored by the Cooperation and Cultural Service of the French Embassy.

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