René-Pierre Dissaux

Study engineer in archaeology at the CNRS (since 2001), Sudan specialist. He was a draughtsman-archaeologist for the French Section of Sudanese Antiquities from 1979 to 1982. Since 1979, he has participated in numerous french excavation programms in Sudan (el-Hobagi, Kadada, Ghaba, el-Hassa, Gism el-Arba, Zankor, Abou Soufyan and Saï). He has also taken part in training Sudanese and French students by teaching initiation to archaeological drawing classes in Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3 University as well as in the archaeological field school (SFDAS/NCAM) in el-Hassa.

On field, he is more specifically in charge of studying artefacts, object drawing, drawing plans and handling of the archives of the excavation data.

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