Yves Lecointe

Archaeologist, he has been living in Sudan since 1975 and has participated for thirty years in the archaeological excavation campaigns led by the SFDAS, the universities of Lille and the Sorbonne and the department of Egyptology of the Berlin museum. He is currently working on several projects with the SFDAS.

- 2004 “Neolithic Nomads at el Multaga, Upper Nubia, Sudan”, with Fr. Geus, D. Peressinoto, R. Pouriel, A. Schmitt, Antiquity vol. 78, n° 299, p. 54-60.
- 2003 “À la redécouverte d’el-Hassa. Temple à Amon, palais royal et ville de l’empire méroïtique”, with P. Lenoble and V. Rondot, CRIPEL 23, 2003, p. 101-115.
- 2003 “Survey and excavation at El Multaga (Northern Sudan). A new aspect of the Neolithic in the Upper Main Nile”, with Fr. Geus, Nyame Akuma, p. 36-42.
- 2003 “Survey and excavation at El Multaga, a ressetlement area related to the construction of the Merowe dam : preliminary results”, with Fr. Geus, Sudan & Nubia n°6, London, p. 33-39.

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History and civilizations of Sudan

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