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Cinquantenaire SFDAS

In 2019, the SFDAS celebrated its fifty years of existence. A full week devoted to SFDAS and Sudanese heritage was held in September 2019 at the French Institute in Khartoum and at the National Museum of Sudan, these events being placed under the aegis of the French Embassy in Sudan. This week, made up of archaeological conferences given by the greatest specialists and former directors of the SFDAS, also saw an exhibition devoted to French archeology take place at the French Institute, around the work of Claude Iverné, associate member of the SFDAS.

The fiftieth anniversary edition of the SFDAS is the natural conclusion of this week of celebrations, closed by the press conference at the National Museum on the occasion of the official handing over to the Sudanese authorities of the Soleb panel, of the stele of Lady Ataqelula of Sedeinga and the relief of the candace of the temple of Amun at el-Hassa, all of which have benefited from restoration programs.

The jubilee work of the Sfdas has received the support of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) and the National Museum of Sudan, the Collège de France, the Louvre Museum, the University of Central Florida, the French Embassy in Khartoum and the French Institute of Sudan, and has been published with the assistance of the French Institute of Oriental Archeology (Ifao) and the National Center for Scientific research (CNRS), laboratory UMR 8167, Orient et Méditerranée.

It is now available thanks to the editorial work of Soleb editions and the SFDAS scientific committee.

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