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15 March 2021


Bourse AMI

SFDAS offers an International Mobility Grant (AMI) intended to support research in Sudanese archeology. By "Sudanese archeology" we mean the disciplines concerning the Antiquity of the Middle Nile: Prehistory, Kerma, Pharaonic archeology, Napatan and Meroitic kingdoms, Post-Meroitic, Christian kingdoms, etc. Candidates must be of French (...)

28 April 2016 - 6 May 2016

Conferences and seminars

Seminar: Ritual pratices in ancient Sudan

Seminar "Ritual Pratices in ancient Sudan. Gestures, words, artefacts". May 6th-7th, INHA (Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art), salle Vasari

22 November 2015


Call for Proposals

For its next thematic issue, Afrique : Archéologie & Arts will be devoted to Northeastern Africa, focusing on Egypt and Sudan and on the issue of water, from a palaeoenvironnmental, a socio-economic and/or a symbolic point of view. The contributions can either be short notes on recent excavation or collective work, or papers bringing a new (...)

11 February 2015

Conferences and seminars

Call For Contributions

Call for contributions concerning the series les "Cahiers de la Céramique Egyptienne", on the Egyptian Pottery in Ancient Sudan.

5 February 2014

Conferences and seminars

Conference Charles Bonnet

L’institut français de Khartoum, la SFDAS et la Sudan archaeology Society vous invitent à la conférence du Professeur Charles Bonnet, Membre de l’Institut de France, co-directeur de la mission archéologique conjointe suisse et franco-soudanaise de Kerma : "La ville cérémonielle de Doukki Gel et une forteresse égyptienne de Thoumois 1er" (en (...)

28 January 2014 - Conférence de la Sudan Archaeology Society

Conferences and seminars

"The Kingdom of Kush"

La Sudan Archaeology Society et le British Council vous invitent à une conférence de M. Derek Welsby sur "The Kingdom of Kush" (en anglais) le mercredi 29 janvier à 19h15 au Musée National de Khartoum.

11 December 2013 - 11 December 2013

Conferences and seminars

Conférence de la Sudan archaeological Society. Lecture by Dr Vincent Rondot

From the Meroitic royal town of El-hassa to the Christian capital of Soba: the trip of the statue of a ram and its consequences in history Lecture by Dr Vincent Rondot, head of the SFDAS mission in El-hassa. Wednesday 11th December 2013 – 19:00 - Greek Athletic (...)

1 October 2013 - 31 January 2014


Grant for International Mobility. Call for applications

The SFDAS is offering a 9-months grant for international mobility ("Aide à la mobilité internationale" -AMI) destined to support research in Sudanese archaeology. Applicants must have the French nationality or the nationality of one the states members of the European Union, they must be holders of a 2nd year Master’s degree and be registered as (...)

23 September 2013

Conferences and seminars

"Qui n'a pas sa pyramide?" Les fouilles françaises de Sedeinga (Nubie soudanaise), 2009-2012

Lundi 23 septembre 2013, Claude Rilly, directeur de la SFDAS, a donné une conférence sur les fouilles françaises de Sedeinga (Nubie soudanaise) à l’auditorium du Louvre.

5 September 2013 - 6 September 2013- Table ronde en archéologie du Soudan

Conferences and seminars

Savoir-faire et techniques au Soudan ancien

Ci-dessous le programme de la table ronde en archéologie du Soudan ancien du mois dernier à Lille.

10 March 2013

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan Archaeology Society

Lecture by Dr. Julia Budka on "New archaeological fieldwork on Sai Island, New Kingdom town" on Sunday March 10th 2013 in English.

12 February 2013 - 12 February 2013

Conferences and seminars

Conférence de la Sudan Archaeology Society

The Sudan Archaeology Society presents : A lecture on the site of Tombos given by Dr. Stuart Tyson Smith at the Greek Athletic Club the 12th of February.

10 February 2013


Short documentary from 1960 on "The Land of Kousch"

A little flashback with this short documentary on "The Land of Kousch" directed by John Irving in 1960.

10 February 2013


Publication of an article on Sedeinga (by Owen Jarus in Livescience)

Article on the site of Sedeinga, published by Owen Jarus in magazine Livescience "35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered"

7 February 2013 - 7 February 2013

Conferences and seminars

Sudan Archaeology Society Lecture

Lecture by Geoff Emberling on the site of el-Kurru at the Greek Athletic Club on the 7th of february 2013.

6 February 2013 - 6 February 2013

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan Archaeology Society

Lecture by Prof. Charles Bonnet "Latest Nubian Discoveries from Doukki Gel/Kerma" February 6th 2013 at the Greek Athletic Club.

30 January 2013

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan Archaeology Society

Lecture by Prof. Matthieu Honegger "New data on Kerma and its origins" January 30th 2012 at 19h at the Institut Français Khartoum.

29 December 2012

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan Archaeological Society

Saturday 29th December at 19:00, Dr. Derek Welsby (Sudan Archaeological Research Society) will present : “The Pyramids of Kush” (in English). The venue will be announced later.

19 December 2012

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan Archaeology Society

Dr. Pawel Onderka "The Typhonium of Wad Ben Naga" - in English- Wednesday 19th December at 19:00.

19 December 2012

Conferences and seminars

Lectures of the Sudan Archaeology Society

Wednesday, 19th December at 19:00 hrs. at the French Institut : Prof. Vincent Rondot (Head of the French Archaeological Unit at El Hassa). "El-Hassa 2012: What did the Temple of Amun look like?" (in french)

28 November 2012

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan archaeology Society

Lecture by Prof. Vincent Rondot (Head of the French Archaeological Unit at El Hassa/SFDAS): "El-Hassa 2012. What did the Temple of Amun look like?"- In English Wednesday, 28th November at 19:00 hrs. at the Greek Athletic Club.

23 November 2012 - 22 December 2012


SEDAU Mission in Sedeinga

During this new campaign, the mission will resume the excavation of Sector II and of the napato-meroitic necropolis, opening new trenches towards the south, along the camel track on KM2. In parallel, surveys and sondages are planned : on proto-historical sites and around the recently implemented road west of the (...)

20 November 2012

Conferences and seminars

Lecture organized by the Sudan archaeology Society

Lecture by DR. DONATELLA USAI (Instituto Italiano per l’icAfra e l’ Oriente), “ALKHIDAY IN THE PREHISTORIC CONTEXT”, ON TUESDAY 20-11-2012 AT 19:00 HOURS AT THE GREEK ATHLETIC CLUB

31 October 2012 - 22 December 2012


SFDAS-NCAM Mission in el-Hassa : 12th campaign

The 12th excavation campaign in El-Hassa will be oriented towards the publication of the Amun temple in el-Hassa and further excavations of the pylon and of the dromos as well as survey operations on the whole site.

20 June 2012 - 24 June 2012

Conferences and seminars


L’institut d’égyptologie de l’université de Leyde organise une conférence qui vise à rassembler tous les chercheurs rattachés à des projets archéologiques dans le Désert Occidental égyptien et dans ses oasis. L’objectif est d’échanger des idées et des informations issues des recherches archéologiques les plus (...)

1 May 2012


Méroé, l'empire qui défia Rome.

Dans le numéro du mois de mai de Sciences et avenir, un dossier spécial sur le royaume de Méroé au Soudan.

11 April 2012 - 1 December 2012


Dams on the Nile of Civilizations

This exhibition presents several salvage campaigns led by the National Commission for Antiquities and Museums and the Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) on the sites of the dams of Merowe, Dal, Kajbar, Roseires, Dagash, Mograt, Sabalok, Sabaloka, upper Atbara and Sitite.

9 February 2012 - 20 February 2012


Mission de photographies par Cerf-Volant

Du 9 février au 20 février 2012, une nouvelle campagne de photographies par cerf volant des sites archéologiques du Soudan a été menée par Bernard Noël Chagny, Franck Derrien et Coralie Gradel (SFDAS). Ils ont couvert les sites des missions françaises de Sedeinga (SEDAU-Claude Rilly), de Mouweis (Musée du Louvre, Michel Baud) et le site la mission (...)

6 February 2012 - 23 February 2012


Another view of Sudan. Kite at the service of archaeology

The SFDAS and the French Institute of Khartoum welcomed Bernard Noël Chagny, specialist of kite aerial photography. He presented his photographs of archaeological sites in northern Sudan taken between 1999 and 2010. The exhibition « Another view of Sudan. Kite at the service of archaeology » was held from february 6th to february 23rd 2012 in the (...)

1 December 2011 - 20 December 2011

official Visits

"Sciences et Avenir" au Soudan

قامت الصحفية برانديت أرنو,المتخصصة بشان الآثار بمجلة العلوم والمستقبل, بزيارة السودان في الفترة من 1-20 ديسمبر 2011 Bernadette Arnaud, journaliste spécialisée en archéologie à la revue Sciences & Avenir, a séjourné au Soudan du 1er au 20 décembre 2011 à l’invitation de la SFDAS, pour y réaliser un reportage sur les fouilles françaises. Elle a d’abord rendu visite à la mission (...)

6 September 2011 - 7 September 2012

Conferences and seminars

1st doctoral symposium on Sudanese archaeology « Cultural exchanges in ancient Sudanese societies. Borrowings, adaptations, survivals. »

On September 6th and 7th 2011, the first doctoral symposium on Sudanese archaeology was held in Paris. It focused on cultural exchanges in ancient Sudanese societies : borrowings, adaptations and survivals. This symposium was funded by the Sorbonne Center for Egyptologic Research (CRES), where the symposium took place, and by the SFDAS, the (...)

26 March 2011 - 31 March 2011

official Visits

Olivier Rolin, de retour au Soudan.

The French Institue of Khartoum and the French Alliance of Port-Soudan have welcomed Olivier Rolin; author of several novels acclaimed by the public and critics, such as L’Invention du monde (1993), Port-Soudan (1994, prix Femina), Méroé (1998), Tigre en papier (2002, prix France Culture) or more recently Bakou, derniers jours (2010). History, (...)

19 November 2010 - 19 December 2010


Mission to SEDAU Sedeinga

Equipe : Claude Rilly, Vincent Francigny, Agathe Chen, Vincent Colard, Romain David, Hélène Delattre, Sandra Porez La campagne 2010 va continuer d’exhumer les sépultures de la partie Ouest du Secteur II, avec une fouille fine des tombes adjacentes au rang de pyramides centrales et un dégagement dans la direction du Nil. On compte notamment sur la (...)

31 October 2010 - 18 December 2010


Mission SFDAS-NCAM to El-Hassa

Equipe : Vincent Rondot, René-Pierre Dissaux, Faïza Drici, Christine Heuraux, Giorgio Nogara L’objectif principal de cette 9e campagne d’El-Hassa est de concentrer les fouilles sur la partie orientale du kiosque et du dromos (allée sacrée) menant au temple d’Amon. La mission s’attend à découvrir de nouvelles statues de béliers inscrits en hiéroglyphes (...)

1 August 2010 - 6 August 2010- British Museum, London

Conferences and seminars

12th International Conference for Nubian Studies

The 12th International Conference for Nubian Studies will be held from August 1st to 6th 2010 at the British Museum in London. This quadrennial conference gathers archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and academics from all over the world specialized in studying the very rich heritage of ancient Nubia and Sudan. As in the previous (...)

2 June 2010 - Des racines et des ailes (France 3)


“In the footsteps of the queens of Egypt”

At El-Hassa, where the work is concentrated around the temple dedicated to the god Amun, excavators have discovered, in 2005, a “treasure” that was preserved up to now thanks to the collapse of the roof of the sanctuary, over 1500 years ago. Among the objects found, a bronze bust of a queen that has recently been restored, thanks to a (...)

2 June 2010 - Shown on at the cinema Grand Action in Paris


Le“The rams of El-Hassa”

In collaboration with the SFDAS and NCAM Excavated since 2000, the site of El-Hassa has already revealed many objects among which these magnificent sandstone rams are the most beautiful pieces. They formed a guard of honour leading to the temple of Amun, a god particularly revered in the Meroitic civilization. This documentary follows (...)

25 April 2010 - broadcast on France 5


“In the realm of Meroe: Muweis, a city under the sand”

Camera Lucida / France Télévisions This documentary takes us to the site of Muweis, excavated by the Louvre since 2007. It is a Meroitic city that spreads out on the banks of the Nile at the edge of the desert. Covered by sand, this city is a rare example of an expanded urban settlement and should reveal new aspects of Meroitic (...)

26 March 2010 - 6 September 2010- Louvre Museum


Meroe, empire on the Nile

After years of preparation and several site visits, the Louvre Museum inaugurated a large exhibition on one of the most brilliant periods in the history of the Sudan: the Kingdom of Meroe. In 1997, the Institut du Monde Arabe was the first to schedule an exhibition in France exclusively dedicated to the Sudan (Sudan, Kingdoms of the Nile) that (...)

22 January 2010 - 26 January 2010

official Visits

Visit of the French press at Meroe

On the occasion of the exhibition “Meroe, Empire on the Nile” (March 26 – September 6, 2010) at the Louvre museum, the SFDAS welcomed a team of French journalists last winter for an in situ exploration of the remains of Meroitic civilization. Accompanied by Guillemette Andreu and Michel Baud, the organizers of the exhibition, as well as Claude (...)

22 September 2008

official Visits

Visit of the Managing Director of the Louvre

Henri Loyrette, Managing Director of the Louvre museum, came to Sudan for the third time from February 16 to 18, 2008. Guillemette Andreu, chief curator and head of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, Benoît de Saint Chamas, Advisor to the Managing Director, Frédéric Jousset, grand patron of the Louvre museum and Bruno Le Dref, editor in (...)

27 September 2003


“Sudan, Kingdom of the Nile”

Collection “Autour des expositions”, Les Films d’ici Film directed in partnership with the Institut du Monde Arabe for the exhibition “Sudan, Kingdoms on the Nile”.

27 September 2003 - Ushuaïa nature


“In the land of Black Pharaohs”

Nicolas Hulot goes up the Nile as part of a caravan and turns the pages of the history of the region. We first discover Meroe, the necropolis of the Black Pharaohs, where 200 pyramids have been restored stone by stone by the German architect Friedrich Hinkel. Ushuaïa goes further in the heart of the country and meets a population of farmers and (...)

Latest releases

Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom

"Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom", by Marc Maillot, Sorbonne University Press/SFDAS editions. Two volumes, 64 euros.

Funerary customs in the kingdom of Meroe

Vincent FRANCIGNY Paris, Editions Boccard, 2017 ISSN 2101-3195 - ISBN 978-2-7018-0520-7

History and civilizations of Sudan

The pyramids of Meroe made generations of travelers dream, but Sudan of which they are the emblem remains largely unknown. Hence this encyclopedic work, the first synthesis of (...)