by Coralie Gradel

Grant for International Mobility. Call for applications


The SFDAS is offering a 9-months grant for international mobility ("Aide à la mobilité internationale" -AMI) destined to support research in Sudanese archaeology. Sudanese archaeology refers to study domains concerning Antiquity of the Middle Nile Valley : Prehistory, Kerma, Pharaonic archaeology, Napataean and Meroitic kingdoms, post Meroitic period, Christian kingdoms etc.

Applicants must have the French nationality or the nationality of one the states members of the European Union, they must be holders of a 2nd year Master’s degree and be registered as PhD candidates in a French university.

This grant, 1400 euros per month, also includes a round trip ticket from Paris to Khartoum in Economic class and health coverage. It will take effect in 2013 for nine months. The grantee has to take care of his/her accomodation. He/she must also apply for insurance.

The grantee should live in Khartoum. All the while writing his/her PhD dissertation, he/she will also contribute to the scientific activities, logistics and fieldworks of the SFDAS.
The application must be filled (two copies) with all the necessary documents :
1. A short motivation letter
2. A resumé
3. The filled application form
4. A list of the candidate’s publications
5. Copies of the diplomas and certifications
6. A detailed description of the research project (not exceeding seven pages, containing the scientific project, a work calendar and institutional partners.
7. Three recommandation letters from scientific personalities adressed to the head of the SFDAS, Claude Rilly.

Applications must be sent, prior to the January 31st 2013 to BOTH adresses :

- Monsieur le Directeur de la SFDAS
Ambassade de France à Khartoum
Abs Service de la valise diplomatique
13 rue de Louveau
92438 Chatillon Cedex

- Monsieur le Responsable du Pôle « Sciences humaines et Sociales »
Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes
Sous-direction des échanges scientifiques et de la recherche DGM/ATT/RECH,
27, rue de la Convention,
CS 91533
75732 Paris cedex 15

The application should also be sent by e-mail attaching only one PDF file including all the documents (including the form and the recommandations letters) to the adress : sfdas

Results will be announced in the first semester of 2013 after it has been examined. (by the Conseil scientifique du pôle ESPAR du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères).

The closing date for applications is January 31st 2013.

article published on 15 March 2021 by Coralie Gradel

Document related to this article :

Formulaire de candidature : PDF - 177.7 kb

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