Dams on the Nile of Civilizations

Sudan National Museum, Khartoum

This exhibition presents several salvage campaigns led by the National Commission for Antiquities and Museums and the Dams Implementation Unit (DIU) on the sites of the dams of Merowe, Dal, Kajbar, Roseires, Dagash, Mograt, Sabalok, Sabaloka, upper Atbara and Sitite.

Several foreign missions have participated in these surveys and excavations. The SFDAS was more specifically in charge of the study of reinstallation sites for displaced populations : New Amri on the wadi Muqaddam, el-Multaga at the mouth of Wadi el-Melik, Kaheila East near Abou Hamed and finally Wadi Mukabrad.

article published on 3 May 2012

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