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What do we know about the kingdoms of Sudan?

Our guests of the day, Claude Rilly, doctor of Egyptology, linguist and researcher at Cnrs and Vincent Francigny, director of the French Section of the Sudanese Antiquities Directorate (SFDAS), will ask about the following questions: "What do we know about Kingdoms of Sudan? " What do we know about the mythical kingdoms of Meroe in Sudan? Who were these black pharaohs? How recent archaeological discoveries shed light on the unknown history of these early empires on the Nile? With Claude Rilly, researcher at Cnrs, doctor in Egyptology and linguistics, director of French archaeological excavations in Sedeinga (Sudanese Nubia), member of the executive board of the International Society of Nubian Studies, and Vincent Francigny, French Egyptologist specialist in Nubian archeology and the Kingdom of Meroe, director of the French Section of the Sudan Directorate of Anitabilities (SFDAS).


article published on 24 May 2021

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