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SFDAS 50th anniversary

‏ALMAGRO M., La necropolis meroitica de Nag Gamus (Masmás, Nubia Egipcia) [=Memorias de la Misión Arqueológica Española en Nubia 8], 1965.

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Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom

"Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom", by Marc Maillot, Sorbonne University Press/SFDAS editions. Two volumes, 64 euros.

Funerary customs in the kingdom of Meroe

Vincent FRANCIGNY Paris, Editions Boccard, 2017 ISSN 2101-3195 - ISBN 978-2-7018-0520-7

History and civilizations of Sudan

The pyramids of Meroe made generations of travelers dream, but Sudan of which they are the emblem remains largely unknown. Hence this encyclopedic work, the first synthesis of (...)