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Publication of Ghaba

The SFDAS is pleased to announce the publication of " Ghaba. An early Neolithic cemetery in Central Sudan" edited by S. Salvatori, D. Usai & Y. Lecointe. The monograph includes two volumes. The first one focuses on settlement and material analysis and the second one establishes a catologue of all the graves. The book is available at the SFDAS as well as on the Africa Magna Verlag website.


Latest releases

Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom

"Palaces and large residences of the Meroitic Kingdom", by Marc Maillot, Sorbonne University Press/SFDAS editions. Two volumes, 64 euros.

Funerary customs in the kingdom of Meroe

Vincent FRANCIGNY Paris, Editions Boccard, 2017 ISSN 2101-3195 - ISBN 978-2-7018-0520-7

Histoire et civilisations du Soudan

Les pyramides de Méroé ont fait rêver des générations de voyageurs, mais le Soudan dont elles sont l’emblème demeure largement méconnu. D’où cet ouvrage encyclopédique, première (...)