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by Claude Rilly, Vincent Rondot, Patrice Lenoble, Charles Bonnet, Matthieu Honegger

Kerma et Méroé

Kerma and Meroe. Five lectures on Sudanese archaeology (2005) was a best seller in Khartoum. It was edited as a collaboration between the French Section of the Direction of Antiquities of Sudan (SFDAS) and the French Cultural Centre Frédéric Cailliaud in Khartoum and sponsored by the Cooperation and Cultural Service of the French Embassy. This book contains the five texts of the archaeological lectures given at the CCF in Khartoum in 2004 and 2005. Ever since the project was launched, the edition was to be bilingual French-Arabic in order to reach a larger public.

The success is easily explained: there is a big demand in Khartoum for quality publications for a general audience on the many archaeological works conducted in the country in partnership with the Department of Antiquities of Sudan, the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums.

As soon as the book was sold out, it was decided to put it online in order to open it to a new public. Both the French and the Arabic versions can be found here and can be downloaded.

The key words, added in the contents below, are there to enable the readers to reach their subject faster.
Charles Bonnet
« Quarante ans de recherches archéologiques au Soudan. Les fouilles de Kerma-Doukki Gel », p. 8-12 ; fig. 2 (p. 45).
deffufa — George Andrew Reisner — Louis Chaix — Napata — Nubie — statues de Taharqa, Anlamani et Aspelta.
Matthieu Honegger
« Recherches préhistoriques sur les origines de Kerma : des premières sociétés sédentaires à l’émergence du royaume de Nubie », p. 13-17 ; fig. 3, 4 (p. 46-47).
domestication du bœuf — el-Barga — Khartoum Variant — Nabta Playa — Pré-Kerma.
Patrice Lenoble
« Aux armes souverains ! L’arsenal funéraire des empereurs méroïtiques », p. 18-25 ; fig. 5-8 (p. 48-51).
anneau d’archer — Apademak — Ballana — el-Hobagi — fabricae sagittariae — industrie du fer à Méroé — Musawwarat — souverains : Amanishakhete, Amanitore, Sherkarer, Silko, Tarekenidal — temple du Lion.
Claude Rilly
« Traduire l’intraduisible. La langue perdue et retrouvée de Méroé », p. 26-36 ; fig. 9, 10 (p. 52-53).
langues nilo-sahariennes : afitti et nyimang (Kordofan), barya et nara (Erythrée), dinka, fur et maba (Darfour), kanouri et tama-merarit (Tchad), massaï (Kenya), nubien — langue méroïtique — Francis Llewellyn Griffith— Jean-François Champollion — Papyrus Golenischeff — REM — Soudanique Oriental Nord.

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